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I have seen similar products with other brand names. Are they made by QP-Sport?

MaxiGuards and CoolGuards are also sold with Allstar, Arawaza Blitz, Matsuru, Budo Nord, Cimac, Kamikaze, Kwon, Playwell, SMAI, Shuriedo, Tokaido Top Ten and other brands - see the page for each product for details of the brands. We are proud to be associated with these widely respected companies. EconoGuard is also sold under several brand names.

However, there are several copies of our products made in China, Taiwan, Pakistan and other countries so beware! We consider this a nice form of flattery but suggest that quality is better than price. Chest guards are SAFETY products! Have the copies passed the strict CE standards tests? Are they endorsed by world sporting associations?. Are they made from inferior plastic as some copies available in USA? Nobody ever regretted buying quality when safety is involved, and we know that most customers choose a high quality safety product over a poor quality product if given the choice.

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