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Are your Chest Guards CE certified, and what does this mean?

Yes, all our products are CE certified.  That means EconoGuard, MaxiGuard,CoolGuard, MasterGuard and Fencing Cups are all CE certified.

The CE mark is a mandatory European marking for certain product groups to indicate conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives. To permit the use of a CE mark on a product, proof that the item meets the relevant requirements must be documented. Sometimes this is achieved using an external test house which evaluates the product and its documentation.

In the case of Chest Guards, the products are tested to ensure they exceed requirements for point and compression impacts.

Martial Arts and Fencing have specific CE certification requirements designed to make protection products safe for the sport they are used in. Martial Arts CE certification is as per EN13277 and Fencing is as per EN13567.

We are very proud our range of protectors is the only fully CE approved range of protectors of this type in the world.

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