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QP Sport or Quality Performers Limited design and manufacture a world leading range of breast and chest protection products. We are dedicated to women’s health and well-being and are the only company worldwide that soley focuses on making breast and chest protection equipment.

It’s no accident that our products are the best. We work with some of the best universities in the world on sports science and breast impact study (Sheffield-Hallam University in Sheffield UK) and breast biomechanics, motion control and health (University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth UK).

As a New Zealand company based in New Plymouth, on NZ's North Island, we have exported our quality chest guards to the world since 1981, and have been a major influence in female chest protection for a wide variety of sports, but especially Karate and Fencing.

Our NZ manufacturing and development facility uses state of the art equipment and allows us to develop and test new products and features. We have won exporting and business awards for our work, and also gained many supporters around the world for our products.

Our products are standard equipment for Fencing, Karate and other Martial Arts and are sold to most of the major brands in these sports either as QP Sport brand or as customer branded. All our products exceed relevant CE (European) certification, and are regarded for their high quality and dependability – and in a safety product where your body is on the line, you should use something you can trust.

We supply most of the worlds major Karate and Fencing brands with chest and breast protection products and sparring gear including Arawaza, Dax, Top Ten, Tokaido, Shureido, Kwon, Cimac, Blitz, Century, Allstar, Kamikaze, Hayashi, Fuji Mae, Fighter, Budo Nord, Bytomic, Danhro, BudoFight, Negrini, Leon Paul, Uhlmann, SMAI, Matsuru, BudoSport, SFJAM and many more.

Many sporting codes and individuals endorse our products, and our mission is to make the best chest guards for men and women. We are always interested in feedback on our products, so please contact us.




It all began back in 1978 when nuns from a local girl’s school in New Plymouth, New Zealand looked to find a chest protector for their female students playing soccer/ football.  Back then, there was no girls only grade, so the girls played in the boy’s grade and the sisters felt the girls needed protection to their breasts. An orthotics specialist from the local hospital was asked to develop the first women’s chest guard prototypes which he used the kind of artistic oven bake polymer clay, and Quality Performers Limited or ‘QP-Sport’ was established in 1981 to manufacture and market the product.

This original chest protector design became the “EconoGuard” and tooling was developed to make the product in lightweight plastic. The EconoGuard is still made to this day, although with a number of modifications from the early model, and in a more modern injection moulding manufacturing technique.

Sales were small until the early 1990’s when the sports of Martial Arts, and then Fencing around the world discovered first the EconoGuard, then later the newer MaxiGuard and CoolGuard products.

During the 1990’s European CE standards for chest and breast protection were developed for both Fencing and Martial Arts, and QP Sport products were used as the default or accepted protection item.  All QP Sport products meet either or both EN-13567 (Fencing) or EN-13277 (Martial Arts).

QP Sport has never stopped innovating and developed the world’s first combined sports bra and chest protector in 1995. This model known as MaxiGuard quickly became the standard chest guard for use in Martial Arts.  Women like the way the protector element slips into the bra between two panels of CoolMax fabric, so they can remove the protector element when they are not competing, yet still have the benefit of a sports bra.

In 1999 QP Sport developed the CoolGuard sports bra and breast protector. This differs from the MaxiGuard in that only the breasts are protected, this time by using patented teardrop cup shape elements over each breast. The protector elements are held in correct position in specially designed pockets in the CoolGuard bra.  In 2004 the CoolGuard was also offered with flexible foam “Super” cups which offered even greater protection to the breasts. The CoolGuard Super is now a favourite of female boxers and high impact martial arts participants.

In 2010 QP Sport began developing a men’s body protector for WKF Karate. Rather than guess the level of protection required like other companies, we commissioned world first research into the force, energy and pressure of Karate kicks and punches from both children and adults.  Then we tested hundreds of materials to provide meaningful protection for the body, but maintaining freedom of movement and comfort, without changing the nature of the sport.  This product became the QP Sport BodyGuard and was launched in 2014 after a long certification process.

Our products are now sold in over 50 countries by our network of respected distributors.  We have met almost all of these distributors personally and travel to major Karate and Fencing events around the world every year to catch up with our customers, officials and users of our products.

Many sporting codes use our chest guard products including;

  • Martial Arts, Karate, Kyokushin, Jujitsu, Krav Maga and others
  • Fencing
  • Boxing
  • Soccer/ Football
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Lacrosse
  • Equestrian
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Running
  • Paintball
  • Roller Derby

We remain based in New Plymouth, New Zealand where our factory and research centre is located, along with our sales and head office.

We welcome any questions or feedback on our products. Please email info@qpsport.com

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