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Inline (roller blade) Hockey - Kapiti Rangers - New Zealand

rollerblading Pictured are Awhina Kaa (top), Nicole Wypych, (left) and Paula Rowe. All play for the Kapiti Rangers and Awhina also plays for the Senior Men's Team. Women's team manager Lisa Lolesio sent this report:— All of the girls have said that they would not play without wearing a CoolGuard chest protector.

Nicole, who also plays with the Kapiti boys (under 16s) says that she needs to be fully protected and the CoolGuard protects her at the same time as being totally non-restrictive. She also says that while she is playing she doesn't even notice that she is wearing it, because it is so comfortable.

Paula agrees that the CoolGuard is a great product and says that she feels fully supported and confident while wearing it. Since she has been wearing CoolGuard she has fielded a lot of interest in the product from other women inline hockey players. The women members of the Kapiti Rangers have trialled and tested the CoolGuard and have been thoroughly sold on this product.
We recommend CoolGuard to any members of women's sport, be it hockey or any other sport where a woman needs to feel protected. CoolGuard does it best!

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