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Boxing - Jo-Anne Redublo - USA

This (MaxiGuard) was a wonderful product. I took this piece of equipment to a few of my boxing classes and went through my regular routine of exercises and sparring.

I really liked that the chest protector didn't restrict my movement, and it was lightweight, non-bulky and did not feel too warm. I tried it out both with my sports bra underneath and without. I found that for me, it fit well enough to wear without. This also cut down on the amount of warmth and moisture being held close to my skin.

Sparring drills were a breeze. I let my partner know I was testing out the guard, so he made sure to go for a lot of body shots and didn't worry about hitting me in the chest. The protection the guard offers is wonderful. I don't have to worry about shots to the sternum or chest so I can concentrate more on good technique.

I found that the sizing on the product was pretty generous so one cup size smaller than my usual brassier size fit perfectly. The protective insert was easy to insert into and remove from the fabric cover, which made cool downs really quick.

I would definitely recommend this chest protector to any woman worried about taking shots to the sternum and chest.

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