The BEST Chest Guards in the World!

All QP Sport products are specially designed to protect your chest and breasts while participating in sport or high impact exercise. We have spent many years researching the effects of impacts to the chest and breasts, and how to minimize the consequences of these impacts on your body, without hindering your participation.

Our products are number one sellers worldwide for Karate and Fencing, trusted by participants, coaches and federations, and allow you to take part with confidence which means you enjoy your sport more.

All our products are CE Certified as personal protective equipment for use in Martial Arts and Fencing and other sports.

How to select the right model?

Karate Body Protector

Our new BodyGuard Karate Body Protector is used by males and females for protection of the upper body from laceration and abrasion injuries.  BodyGuard is the result of world leading scientific testing of Karate strikes, and material performance, combined with smart design to allow for ease of movement and light weight.  This product is used by many competing in WKF Karate and is mandatory for WKF competition.

Female - Full chest and breast protection

If your sport requires full chest and breast protection, then select from our EconoGuard or MaxiGuard range. EconoGuard is held on the body using elastic straps, similar to a bra, while MaxiGuard uses a specially designed bra to locate and hold the protector so that it doesnt touch your skin.

Female - Breast protection only

If your sport requires protection of the breasts only, then select from the CoolGuard products. CoolGuard Super is for high impact protection in sports such as Boxing, Kick Boxing, MMA, Kyokushin Karate and others. 

CoolGuard standard is used in many sports from Martial Arts to Soccer (Football), Rugby, Basketball, Netball, Equestrian, Mountain Biking, Motocross and others.

Female - Breast support/ motion control

All our women's chest and protection products also support your breasts during activity and avoid the need for a separate sports bra.  The CoolGuard products have been proven to perform better in motion control than leading sports bra brands at testing by the University of Portsmouth breast biomechanics unit.

Male - Chest protection

Our MasterGuard chest protector is designed for men and boys and is CE certified for use as Fencing Chest Protector to EN13567.

See our frequently asked questions for more information on this.

Chest Protection Benefits

  • Protect yourself from painful strikes to the chest and breasts
  • Gain confidence
  • Enjoy your sport more
  • Increase your participation
  • Give yourself a competitive edge

There are many benefits to using chest protection. In some sports such as Fencing, Martial Arts and Boxing, chest guards are compulsory and required to be worn by sports federations to prevent injuries to the breasts and chest.

In sports such as Soccer, Rugby, Softball, Basketball, Netball, Mountain Biking, Roller Derby, Lacrosse and others, chest guards provide protection, as well as confidence, and it is this confidence that many users find gives them a competitive edge over their opponents.

All women know that a hit to the breasts hurts. It can take you out of play while you recover, cause bruising and in severe cases can cause lumps in the breast to form – note these are not usually related to breast cancer, but you should always consult your doctor if you find any breast lump.

Let's face it, you are your most important asset, so why not look after yourself!

At QP Sport, we have designed the best performing, most supportive and most comfortable range of chest guards ever made, and since you would wear a sports bra anyway, why not wear one with protection. They cost you no more than any good sports bra, but also give you protection and confidence.

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Strong, flexible female chest guard to be worn over a sports bra, singlet or teeshirt.

The world's favourite chest protector for women in Fencing. CE Certified, and protects breasts, chest and sternum.

Used in fencing, martial arts, combat sport, paintball and many other sports.

Endorsed by FIE.
Based on 4 reviews.

Flexible, very strong, but with cool'n'dry fabric.

Full breast, chest and sternum protection. Maxiguard is held in place with a special bra top included.

Used in Fencing, Martial Arts, Combat Sports, Ball Sports, Roller Derby, Paintball

CE certified
Based on 6 reviews.
CoolGuard Super

Maximum protection, coolness and comfort. Foam inserts are designed for high impact use in combat sports.

Protection for breasts.

CE certified
Based on 3 reviews.

Cool and comfortable protection. Hi-tech fabric bra with light weight polyethelene inserts.

Designed for low-impact combat sport. Protection for breasts. Used by women in boxing, karate, martial arts, soccer, basketball, roller derby, mountain biking and all sorts of sports.

CE certified.
Based on 10 reviews.

Designed for fencing masters and/ or students.

Fully protects men and boys' chests, ribs and sternum from impact and injury.

Available in five sizes.

High quality, made in New Zealand

CE Certified as a Fencing Chest Guard to EN13567:2002 + A1:2007

Use with confidence, enjoy your sport more.

The ALL NEW BodyGuard Body Protector, from the world’s leading Karate chest protection company. 

Ultra lightweight and designed for a better, more comfortable fit.

Certified to EN13277 (2014).
Based on 1 reviews.
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