Number 1 in WKF Karate worldwide!

Protects your chest and breasts in sport.

  • Lightweight — for comfort
  • Flexible — for best fit
  • Strong — for safety
  • Cool 'n' dry — cover made with moisture wicking Tactel®
  • Lightweight plastic insert fits into specially designed pocket within bra
  • The original and most trusted chest guard on the market
  • CE Certified for use as a chest and breast protector - dont take the risk of using non certified copycat products
  • Undetectable under sporting uniforms
  • Endorsed by FIE, WKF, EKF AIBA and other sporting federations

Reduce risks in your chosen sport

We developed the MaxiGuard for girls and women who love to compete. A hit to the breasts hurts! We know that, it also takes away confidence, and removes your focus while you recover.

MaxiGuard protects your full chest area. Breasts, ribs, sternum are all covered with the flexible, yet strong (virtually unbreakable) polyethylene guard. The guard is held firmly in place by inserting into a pocket in the specially designed bra/ cover made of high tech, two way stretch *Tactel®. This fabric allows for transfer of moisture, to speed evaporation, which is the body’s natural cooling method.

*A licensed DU PONT ® product. 86% Tactel®, 4% Nylon and 10% Lycra®.

Add confidence when competing in Karate, Martial Arts, Boxing, Tae Kwondo, Fencing, Soccer, Equestrian, Hockey, Cricket etc. — in fact any sport where contact with another competitor or bat / ball is possible. No heavy padding needed with MaxiGuard as the guard is a neat and ‘correct’ fit on the body. In fact the MaxiGuard can't be detetected under a sports top or uniform.

The MaxiGuard cover has plenty of stretch so the cover is fitted first, then the guard is inserted between the front layers of fabric, and removed after competition or training, to further aid cooling.

Correct fit of the MaxiGuard is important. To select correct guard size refer to sizing chart.

adjusting the guard to fitFinal shaping of the guard can be necessary to obtain the best fit under the arms. The instruction book explains the method.


Ideal for
Martial Arts
Combat Sports
Roller Derby


Price: US$49.95

Available in nine sizes
Code Euro size Cup Size Chest Size (under bust) Cover Size
M 10 A (XXS) A 74-78cm / 29-30" 10 S
M 10 B (XS) B 74-78cm / 29-30" 10 S
M 11 A   A 80-84cm / 31-32" 10 or 12 S or M
M 11 B   B 80-84cm / 31-32" 10 or 12 S or M
M 12 A (S) A 86-90cm / 33-35" 12 M
M 12 B (M) B 86-90cm / 33-35" 12 M
M 12 C   C 86-90cm / 33-35" 12 M
M 14 C (L) C 92-96cm / 36-38" 14 L
M 14 D (XL) D 92-96cm / 36-38" 14 L

Sizing Note: Please refer to sizing chart for correct product selection.

Sizing chart

Click on small image to download full-size chart (pdf).

Proven world wide. Sold by many of the worlds leading martial arts brands and distributors.

Endorsed by the WKF, World Karate Federation also the EKF, European Karate Federation, Oceania Karate Federation and the FEK, Spanish Karate Federation.

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